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I made a list of all Filthy Farmgirl soaps we’ve tried so I can stop getting emails like, “Can you go out and smell Filthy Balls for me?” I am a huge fan of Filthy Farmgirl Soap and have tried many of their flavors. Here is an ongoing list of brief thoughts on each scent I’ve tried! Please note: FFG has not paid for consideration or lavished me with any of their sweet, sweet bars of hippie goodness. These were all purchased with cashmoney dolla dolla billz, y’all.

A complete list of flavors can be found here. As for price. I scored the soap for $5 and it was money well spent. The soaps come in two sizes and if you can’t find it at your local hippie food store, you can order it directly from the company (with FREE SHIPPING)!

Filthy Beaver Don’t let the cheeky name scare you away; Filthy Beaver is a great scent to start your Filthy Farmgirl journey. It’s a creamy blend of vanilla, ylang ylang, all spice and cocoa butter; incredibly hydrating. Filthy Beaver reminds me of Vanilla Bella and Patchouli Sutra in terms of how close the scent clings to the skin. If your tastes trend towards woodsy, spicy or gourmand notes or scents with more sillage, you might find Filthy Beaver too subtle. I liked using this exclusively as a facial soap, because I need a scent I can smell across the room.

Filthy Freak: smells of blood orange, spearmint, clove and is divine. As with all of the soaps I own of theirs, this one washes away completely, leaving no residue and a light scent, which lasts all day. This is one of my favorite scents, but oddly enough not one I’ve purchased very often.

Vanilla Bella: smells like REAL vanilla bean and not that weird glade plug in style chemical smelling vanilla scent. Sometimes I even use this one on my face and it feels so soft afterwards! That said, it’s really mild.

Filthy Pirate (Spiced Rum Booty): This is my “default” FFG soap, if such can be said of any of their soaps. It is the one I must have with me all the time in the shower, even when I’m not going to use it. Filthy Pirate is not for the faint of heart. It is a spicy, decadent gourmand like you wouldn’t believe. Oddly enough it had surprisingly low silage (in my opinion) so most of that intense spicy gourmand experience happens mostly as you shower. If you don’t like clove or cinnamon you won’t like this one.

Silly Sarsparilla: This one kind of broke our hearts. Purchased solely because the name reminded me of The Big Lebowski, I had high hopes for this Licorice-Vanilla-Ginger-Cinnamon soap. Well the ginger notes turned on me, as ginger notes are known to do thus rendering the soap unwearable for me. It does remind me of Sarsparilla, with a rich warm and inviting first whiff. If Ginger plays well with your skin chemistry I imagine this would be your version of Filthy Pirate.

Filthy Elf: A cinnamontastic-peppermint, invigorating shower experience awaits you. This is one of their holiday soaps but I used it when it wasn’t Christmas and lived to tell the tale (barely). It is very cinnamony and very pepperminty and is like the soap equiv of poppers. I don’t know how to say that in a more dignified way.

Patchouli Sutra: I would say this perfectly capable, sensual and complex patchouli soap suffers only because I purchased it at the same time I snagged Spiced Rum Booty. I am not one for patchouli on its own, though I do like it as note in other scents because patchouli makes notes that are difficult for me to wear a little warmer and not as brassy. Basically, how I got through my bar of Silly Sarsparilla is to chase it with Patchouli Sutra. Patchouli Sutra ends up being a workhorse soap for me because it keeps me from tossing some of the more disappointing or unremarkable scents.

Super Hippie Princess: patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver essential oil, Myrrh, Damiana and frankincense…oh my! I wanted to love this soap so much, but vetiver does not really play well with my skin chemistry. That said, this soap does evoke a hippie princess and it left my skin feeling so soft and well scented.

Flying Spaghetti Monster & Groovy with Everything: Both showcase recycled bits of FFG goodness, but as Babby said, “those overdone combos are like the crunchwrap supreme of filthy farmgirl soaps” and neither worked for us. Still, they’re mild, but kind of unremarkable to us.

Goats Milk Chai: easily one of my favorite FFG soaps! “Organic Cloves, Organic Vanilla, Organic Cardamon, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Orange Peel, Organic licorice…” and all kinds of heaven. It suds exceptionally and leaves an aromatic delight on the skin. This is probably more of a “default” than Spiced Rum Booty, but I try to rotate this one in and out often so it never stops dazzling me.

Hawaiian Vanilla Royale: A lot closer to what I expected Vanilla Bella to smell like. A straight up vanilla bean (again, no weird vanilla glade plug-in chemical smelling foolishness) creamy sweet smelling soap.

Creamy Coconut Cutie: The intoxicating coconut (and not the stuff of cheap tanning oil) lingers on the skin in the most unforgettable way. It is rich, creamy and lathers like a champ. I find it to be a great layering soap, adding a hint of sweetness to whatever is layered on top.

Filthy Gentlemen: Juniper and Lime notes are amazing. I couldn’t stop sniffing Babby when he used this soap. I love sparkling citrus notes, but usually not on their own, so this soap is perfect. While I probably won’t be using this one on myself, I liked smelling it on Babby.

Filthy Flight Attendant A strong peppermint and cocoa butter soap that is rapidly becoming my new favorite. I love the tingling properties of peppermint soap, but don’t always like smelling like toothpaste, which is why I love having the sweet mitigating properties of cocoa butter. yum!

Coffee Vanilla Vixen: It totally smells like a vanilla latte and that’s a good thing. CVV is exactly how I like my vanilla to roll. Vanilla Bella is a gorgeous soap, but it’s a tad too mild for me, but the vanilla notes here are so bright and bold. My skin loves this soap.

Filthy Geek (Hyper Mocha Minx): chocolaty, vanilla coffee goodness! It feels incredibly luxurious to use and it’s like taking a decadent mocha into the shower with you. It actually has ground, fair trade coffee in it! Amazing. Hours later I’m still sniffing my arm ad catching a whiff of this yummy smelling soap.

Filthy Biker (Badass Licorice): This is how I wanted Silly Sarsparilla to smell. I wanted the licorice note front and center. Filthy Biker packs a powerful wallop of licorice, peppermint and a smidge of lavender. This might end up being a facial soap.

Filthy Mermaid (Cinnamon Temptation): Perfect wake-me-up soap for those who like cinnamon strongly represented in their soap. It didn’t smell as strong as Filthy Elf, but is a more complex take on the warm cinnamon theme!

Cheeky Ginger Citrus – Normally, I cannot abide ginger in my beauty products. Ginger notes turn rancid, smelling faintly of cat urine on me. However, tempered with steadfast notes of orange, lemon and grapefruit, this soap is plays extremely well with my persnickety body chemistry.

Filthy Policeman (Deputy Doughnut) – This is exactly like showering w/ a piping fresh Krispy Kreme glazed donut. It smells so darn good, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself it’s not for eating. It’s also kinda mashup of some of my favorite gourmand soaps from Filthy Farmgirl (namely Hyper Mocha Minx, Vanilla Bella and Goat’s Milk Chai)

Filthy Fairy – a dreamy, sweet and ethereal mix of citrus, rose and ginger. It’s like showering with the tears and sweat of a Francesca Lia Block protagonist. Super awesome. Very mild, yet wonderfully complex scent.

Filthy Vampire – so this one I kept picking up and putting back…picking up and putting back. For nearly a year every time I’d visit my FFG selling retailer I’d fondle this soap, but talk myself out of it. I was afraid of pomegranate, because, like ginger, it’s one of those notes that never really connects with my body chemistry. now I feel daft for waiting so long to grab this decadent blood orange scented soap.

Filthy Unicorn (Enchanted Wonderberry) – This is Babby’s newest FFG soap and one of the few that is both deeply pungent, while lacking clove notes. (he doesn’t like how clove notes mess w/ his body chemistry) Frankly, the thought of bathing w/ berries did not excite me. Too many Bath & Body Works associates to be overcome… well I’m glad I kept an open mind because I actually find the berry notes (Raspberry and so forth) delightful.

Filthy Ass – With such a brassy name you’d expect Filthy Ass to deliver a fragrant punch. So its gentle, sweet rose scent is completely unexpected. Tuberose and Rosewood aren’t favorite notes of mine, but somehow, FFG always manage to take notes I’m not crazy about and making them wonderful.

Filthy Lawyer – Lavender, Wintergreen and Peppermint! Objection, the witness is reaching. Actually, this blend doesn’t slam you in the face with its mintiness. For some that’s a bonus, for me it just means I’m probably not going to be reaching for this soap as often as say Filthy Flight Attendant.

Super Cock – A bold, cheeky name that actually befits a bold, spicy soap. Oh the marketing folks really went to town with the provocative copy. It’s both hilarious and also a little too-hot-for-television. Anyway, the soap packs a powerful zing of peppermint with very little to temper its full expression. It’s an eye opener, just as the name suggests. If you love super pepperminty soaps and don’t mind carrying home your soaps in a brown paper bag this one’s for you.

Tiger Chai– I fell in love with this spicy chai latte soap when I bought the lip balm of the same flavor. I don’t think the lip balm and the soap express the spicy notes the same. What works for lip balm is probably a little too precious for body soap. In any event, the differences don’t make me love this soap any less. The vanilla and clove are what stand out the most to me. It definitely reminds me of my daily chai lattes. It does differ from Goat’s Milk Chai, in the sense, it’s a spicier and also earthier. I love both soaps, and to be honest, blindfolded, it would take me a minute to differentiate the two.

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Tipsy Tea Tree – I’m a big fan tea tree, particularly in facial products. I have tried all kinds of tea tree infused soaps and cleansers and there’s always something missing. Tipsy Tea Tree is a predictable blend of tea tree, castor, palm and coconut oil that smells wonderfully medicinal and cleanses the skin expertly. If you’re not into tea tree scent you’re probably gonna want to bypass this one.


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  1. animalsrocknynj permalink
    May 1, 2012 10:25 am

    I must try some of these!

  2. May 1, 2012 10:26 am

    Filthy Gentleman is my new favorite! Citrusy soaps seem to play well with my body chemistry. Filthy Geek is exceptionally yummy as well.

  3. May 1, 2012 10:36 am

    Filthy Gentleman has such a perfect blend of the lime and juniper. Woodsy, but clarified by the lime. So great smelling!

  4. princess coldheart permalink
    May 1, 2012 4:51 pm

    i love this review! i will have to do a similar one when i’ve tried more scents. i am definitely wanting to try filthy beaver, creamy coconut cutie, and maybe vanilla bella, super hippie princess, and the coffee ones. i think i have hawaiian vanilla royale waiting in the wings, currently. actually, i am just going to go take a photo of my unused soap right now!

  5. ferocious sparks permalink
    July 31, 2012 2:37 pm

    I found a local supplier, and rejoiced as I’d been wanting to try them after reading your reviews. My favorites so far are Filthy Cowboy (mmm, Old Spice in a forest) and Filthy Pirate, which is like standing in a cloud of clove smoke after a long night of taffy pulling. Most goth soap ever. I’m currently on Filthy Surfer which a bit more fruity and less coconut than I’d imagined, but I’m finding the soaps mellow out as you get further into the bar. Next stop: try Creamy Coconut Cutie and the coffee soaps… that doughnut soap sounds delicious, too.

  6. ferocious sparks permalink
    July 31, 2012 2:38 pm

    the Filthy Surfer lipbalm, on the other hand? delicious…. perfect mix of lime and coconut.

  7. November 12, 2012 6:44 pm

    “… found a local supplier, and rejoiced as I’d been wanting to try them after reading your reviews. My favorites so far are Filthy Cowboy (mmm, Old Spice in a forest) and Filthy Pirate, which is like standing in a cloud of clove smoke after a long night of taffy pulling…”

    So glad you found a local supply. What other soaps have you tried? I definitely prefer the Filthy Surfer lip balm to the soap.

  8. ferocious sparks permalink
    March 22, 2014 1:02 pm

    Still devoted to Filthy Pirate! I just picked up Hyper Mocha Minx – love the packaging with its tech typos, but for me the chocolatey/vanilla scent is too mild. I am also tempted by Filthy Hooker. I like it when I can smell how delicious they are through the packaging. I like my soaps potent!

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