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S3x01 – Nearer My God to Thee
S3x02 – Fits Like a Glove
S3x03 – Extreme Unction
S3x04 – Crosetti
S3x05 – Last of the Watermen
S3x06 – A Model Citizen
S3x07 – Happy to Be Here
S3x08 – All Through the House
S3x09 – Nothing Personal
S3x10 – Every Mother’s Son
S3x11 – Cradle to Grave
S3x12 – Partners
S3x13 – The City That Bleeds
S3x14 – Dead End
S3x15 – End Game
S3x16 – Law and Disorder
S3x17 – The Old and The Dead
S3x18 – In Search of Crimes Past
S3x19 – Colors
S3x20 – The Gas Man

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