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My $10 Dining Room Table

February 11, 2011

This 60x30ish ‘As-Is’ piece of Malm Queen Sized Bed was $9.99 and I begged Babby to purchased it for a project unknown at the time. He scoffed initially, not because of the price, but because we were hours from home and he wasn’t sure we could fit it and other things purchased from Ikea in his snazzy Sedan. Turns out we could and we did. This piece of bargain wood, held up the walls in various rooms in Babby’s crib before I finally decided to allocate it for my dining room.

I’m going to snag some herman chairs and ikea Vika Moliden legs. I’m just hoping this $10 table doesn’t turn into a million dollar headache.

Epilogue: Oh chile, getting that thing into my car was an exercise in hot messery. But the real joy joy came from driving with it pressed up against my cheek for nearly five hours like we were Fred and Ginger.

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  1. hsofia permalink
    February 12, 2011 1:13 am

    I always like a dark dining table. My family (or maybe it was friends of ours?) used to have a dining table that was actually an old door, and it was painted black. There was something attached to the center of it and we would all sit around it (on the floor), cross-legged to eat. It was pretty cool. We were poor, but I think now it’s called “repurposing.”

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