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Women in Hollywood: The Writers!

January 22, 2011

Grey's Anatomy writer-producer Shonda Rhimes

Please don’t start with a list of omissions. I selected writers whose work has both influenced and inspired me. However, you’re certainly welcome to list your own favorite and I hope you do!

Jill Soloway – “They never let two old, ugly women talk on TV that long.” quipped feminist screenwriter Jill Soloway when dishing the way female writers in Hollywood are introduced to a Hero’s Journey – the unofficial outline and bible of screenwriting. Soloway has written for Six Feet Under, Grey’s Anatomy and currently serves as the executive producer/showrunner for the Showtime original series The United States of Tara. Here’s Soloway discussing the “Men’s Story” problem in Hollywood for a NOW function.

Shonda Rhimes – Oh Shonda! The Dartmouth educated, undisputed queen of the primetime soap! As the multi-tasking showrunner and writer of the juggernaut Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off (that I don’t actually watch) Private Practice. What I find fascinating about Rhimes’ success is how unimpressed folks seem to be about it. Other than Oprah, what woman of color has that much influence on the images we see on television? Rhimes was the first Black woman to write and produce a “hit” television show! *crickets*Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t the first show to actively seek to showcase a cast reflective of many life experiences, but it’s definitely one the of the first shows to do so successfully. Or as Sandra Oh wrote for Time:

Somehow, in the midst of all that pressure, Shonda’s vision for the characters became more sharply focused, more self-assured. She found that her responsibility was to them and her creative voice. And by remaining true to that voice and singular vision, I think she has created something great. As a fan, I, for one, can’t wait to see what happens next.

Cindy Chupack – As a writer-producer for HBO’s polarizing hit comedy series Sex and the City, it must have come as quite a shock to Cindy Chupack that her show was, “a bunch of old chicks who act young written by gay men.” Several Golden Globe and Emmy wins didn’t seem to clarify the matter. It’s a shame. Chupack’s work on the show was fantastic and her writing is some of the sharpest comedic writing on TV. I don’t know if Chupack was singularly responsible for the line, “I’m freaking Annie get your clothes on!” but that still makes me laugh.

(sorry about the weird sync issues and it’s NSFW!!!!)

Julie Martin – As one of the many bright shining stars of something I like to call “The Fontanaverse”, Julie Martin (like her cohort Anya Epstein) came on my radar through her work on Homicide: Life on the Street. Along with Bonnie Marks and the backbone of H:LOTS – James Yoshimura – Martin crafted one of the most gripping episodes of the series – The City That Bleeds and has long been my favorite TV writer.

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