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Barry and Kiki Present…Pop Morsels!

January 21, 2011

We know you love a pop culture blog, that’s why you’re here at I Fry Mine In Butter, which “takes a slow cooker approach to pop culture analysis” and we’re so glad it does.  But what about daily pop culture in fresh, convenient, snack-sized portions?  Barry Glibb and Kiki La Grange are on the case.


Pop Morsels is home to multiple daily tart, timely, and tasty pop culture morsels.   Everyday we’re commenting on the wacky world of trending topics and entertainment news alerts, with the use of our freakishly encyclopedic memory recall and snappy one-liners.  We’ve also got recaps, recaps of recaps, that meme you’ve been ignoring, weekly suggestions for your Netflix Instant queue, the inside story on everyone’s REAL age.   Come join us any day – or every day!

Be sure to also follow Pop Morsels on Twitter for more bite sized pop culture goodness – we’re talking original content, people, not just a mess of article links – the kind of stuff that made Kelsey Grammar AND Nancy Sinatra follow us back.

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