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Night and Day

January 16, 2011

A little musical interlude, with the unifying theme being, “Night and Day”. There are no deep insights housed behind the cut tag. Just music I adore and often hear while at the grocery store.

“Brand New Day” Sting. Oh sure Sting is currently getting more press for his sexual appetites rather than his ” his soft rock ubiquity or more recent meadow-inspired lute tracks”, but he weighed in with his thoughts on the Day concept. Oddly, nothing makes you feel more hopeless than hearing this bland, commercial offering as you peruse items in the Health & Beauty item of Rite Aid.

“A New Day for You” Basia. Basia and I go way back. All the way back to the last days of of my childhood on the continent of Europe. And this particular cut off her debut album Tide and Time served as a notable example of what potential the “Basso Nova” setting on my old Casio keyboard held. In fact whenever I happen to hear this song as I wait to be seen by my doctor I always leave wanting to score another 80s Casio keyboard.

“A New Day Has Come” Miss Celine. I bet you’re wondering what kind of person goes gaga for Celine Dion. Well you’ve found one of her biggest fans. I’m not ashamed and she’s not a guilty pleasure – a concept which has no utility in my world. I will go buck wild on this song. It’s one of my most cherished hairbrush anthems. Even picking up frozen vegetables from Price Chopper at 2am feels more magical with this jam playing over the loudspeakers.

“Night and Day” Al B. Sure!. What the hell happened to Al B. Sure! We couldn’t get enough of this slow jam at 80 era school dances and slumber parties. I heard this in the mall while trying to get from JcP to the ATM on the other side of the mall. I bopped myself all the way there. What kind of love am in? indeed!

“A Night to Remember” Shalamar. Jody Watley is shutting down the first verse. But the moneyshot is Howard Hewitt’s slamming vocals. They need to come back on the real. In my gothiest days, this was my “suit up for battle” song. As I applied layer upon layer of lace, pleather, fishnet and tulle this Shalamar tracked rubbed my shoulders and encouraged me to extend my eyeliner beyond the corners of my eye and into curly q’s.

“Goodnight Tonight” P-Mac & Co. This song is to me what “Gimmie Shelter” is to Martin Scorsese. If I ever make movies I will use this jimmy jam in all my trailers and possibly over the end title credits. It’s the freaking robot voices. I cannot resist a song with robot vocals. And that bassline is killing it.

“The Nights That Lights Went Out in Georgia” Vicki Lawrence. Without Lawrence’s educational song would any of us Yankees know not to trust our souls, “to no backward Southern lawyer”? I’m ashamed to admit a college friend of mine and I used to act out this entire song (with Fosse inspired choreography we created) on long, boring winter nights.

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