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Design Lust: The Living Daylights

January 9, 2011

via the defunct Domino Magazine - a 2006 issue.

There is always a moment in the winter when I realize every design decision made previously has somehow gone against the original intention of the project. It’s usually sandwiched between the post-holiday doldrums and my birthday. This year the mood seemed to have arrived early and with much fanfare. In addition to the overwhelming feeling of design failure, the mood is often accompanied by a spark of inspiration. I am feeling slightly nostaglic for greige and more importantly the now defunct shelter magazine Domino, which is where I first came across the pretentious portmanteau of “grey” and “beige”. In fashion, I always felt like a failure whenever my grey outfits had to be propped up by either beige or chocolate brown elements, yet championed the very same props in decor. In any event, I could never get this rather simple, yet iconic living room out of my head and five years later finally decided I ought to do something about it.

In love with Greige like it's 2006 up in this piece.

With the exception of the lamps and the Click-Clack sofa (let’s not talk about old brownie, which is on its very last legs and two of those legs are practically on the curb. Five years of proud service though!) I have all the ingredients (yes, even the pleather pillows scored from JcP for 4.99 each!!!) to make the magic happen. I am going for a cross between the Domino room and this other room. Both are great inspiration, though the room featured on my design board is more in keeping with my preferred design aesthetic. And now that the living room is painted a lovely shade of greige – called “Weathered Tin” – and I am loving it. I don’t even miss the drama of my brightly painted walls (pics forthcoming). Who knew that greige walls would make me so happy? They seriously knocked the living daylights out of me with their sheer fabulousness. So knocked out that I painted every single colored wall in my house this color. It’s all greige on the western front. Yeah, so that’s where I’ve been the last couple of days.

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