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H:LOTS – S05E20 – “Narcissus”

December 30, 2010

“We have an expression in Homicide: Our day begins when yours ends.” – John Munch.

This is one of the most heart breaking episodes of the entire fifth season. This is the end of Homicide as we know it. This is the end of Deputy Commissioner Harris – who unfortunately didn’t drag down Gaffney with him. Speaking of Gaffney, the actor who plays the bigoted, incompetent Captain has one of his best episodes of the season of the day. I have no idea what Walt MacPherson is like in real life, but I have to say he’s got a real thankless role on H:LOTS. Nevertheless, MacPherson has really crafted Gaffney into a real character. A great villain and an utterly unforgettable detective. He’s about as useful as Barney Miller’s bother of a boss Inspector Luger and sketched similarly. It’s a good, meaty role – Gaffney – for an actor brave enough to let himself be utterly unlikable and as much as Gaffney irks me, I’m glad the character is in the hands of a great actor. I still LOL at Gaffney’s quip, “It’s like an episode of Nash Bridges around here.” Zing!

Bayliss keeps disappearing, which concerns Gee and annoys Pembleton to no end. But we don’t even have time to worry about this or Stivers having regrets over the Mahoney shooting, because a shooting suspect ran into the African Revival Movement headquarters and barricaded himself inside and it only gets worse from there. Yaphet Kotto write this incredibly emotionally draining episode, which still manages to have some very amusing bits. the credit sequence finds Pembleton in occupying Munch’s role as Squad-crier. Personally, I found Pembleton’s delivery of the weird ass news found buried in the D section of nearly every paper quite entertaining. That said, he doesn’t sell it quite like Munch.

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