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H:LOTS – S05E15 – “Wu’s On First”

November 28, 2010

Star studded episode including appearances by Tate Donovan, Eric Stolz and the glorious Joan Chen as an ambitious Baltimore Sun reporter, who impresses Gee, “she’s a player; I like that.” The titular Wu – as in Elizabeth Wu – engages in a bit of crafty warfare to usurp another reporter, by tampering with a pay phone, which render its useless. After her brilliant article appears on the front page of The Sun, Wu feels pressured by her colleagues and her editor to generate an even more brilliant follow up story. When she receives a phone call from an anonymous tip providing crime scene information only known to the police, eye witnesses, and, of course, the killer, she decides to put that information to good use. Wu’s investigation uncovers the victim’s possible drug use, which is controversial, given the murder victim happens to be an undercover narcotics detective. Events take a dramatic and chilling turn when Wu discovers the anonymous tipster might in fact be the killer himself. With her career on the line, Wu attempts to set things right by coming clean to Gee, but it might be too late to save her career and possibly her life.

Kellerman’s pesky brothers – played by Eric Stolz and Tate Donovan – show up unannounced to antagonize him and – oh yeah – hide out from a bookie they own a heap of cashmoney to. Perhaps their troubles wouldn’t be quite as dire if they hadn’t stolen a prized piece of baseball memorabilia in order to pay off their debts to another bookie. The story only gets increasingly convoluted as it appears the purloined prized piece of baseball memorabilia is counterfeit. Oops. Oh, it’s always a barrel of fun whenever the criminally minded Kellerman brothers come to town. He’s hoping the Kellerman brothers don’t find another occasion to visit their (mostly) law abiding police officer brother again.

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