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H:LOTS – S05E14 – “Diener”

November 27, 2010

Lewis and Pembleton are forced to pair up – by Gee. Let’s face it: Pembleton and Lewis aren’t always adept at working with each other. Their previous pairing yielded a bummer crop of hot buttered ill will

These two clowns! They pair up on the investigation of a woman murdered in a supermarket parking lot straddling the line between the white and black sides of the neighborhood. There is some interesting discourse surrounding the realities of the case and both detectives are quite dogmatic in their assertions. And when you just think you’ve got another drawn out scene of officers canvassing a neighborhood they stumble onto another murder and murderer, Miss Myra. I have not laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of a suspect, who offers them food and acts as though there is nothing particularly odd about shooting a lover and stuffing him into a deep freezer in her basement. And that’s not even the most shocking twist!

Lewis and Pembleton are solid detectives and they should work better together! But for some reason they tend to rub the other one raw and their bickering is pretty hilarious. First, they get into the verbal scraps because of the way in which Pembleton frames the case. Then they squabble over when they should stop by the morgue to get a copy of the M.E. report. Yet, despite all of their petty squabbling, Lewis and Pembleton have a lovely chemistry, which H:LOTS is smart to exploit. Particularly, when Pembleton’s regular partner – Bayliss – refuses to work with him and in this episode the actor who plays him – the gorgeous and fabulous Kyle Secor – is perched in the director’s chair.

If the squabbles at work weren’t enough, Pembleton comes home to discover his wife Mary wants the couple to attend counseling. While Mary is vague about the particulars, it’s clear the marital relations haven’t returned to their previous rigor. Lewis is having his own martial woes, with his estranged wife Barbara. As Lewis and Pembleton begin to bond over their martial troubles, Lewis nearly crashes the police issued vehicle. Oh Lewis, and his inability to drive a car without denting the hell out of it. But no more bickering, you two! Gee says so, “Do I smell the acrid aroma of squad room discord? The breakdown of the collaborative process? ‘Cause I’d hate to think that two of my carefully matched detectives are finding lumps in the honeymoon mattress.”

Now the murder the pair are actually investigating is fairly uneventful – the murder of a wealthy socialite who works with underrepresented students – with no clear suspect or presenting motive. During the autopsy some of the victim’s jewelry goes ghost, further adding to the confusion. But wait, M.E. Cox has a new assistant. Coincidence? Since H:LOTS doesn’t tend to subscribe to notion of coincidence, I think not.

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