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H:LOTS – S05E11 – “The Documentary”

November 16, 2010

Barry Levinson cameo! The identity of “the Lunch Bandit”! Visionary auteur Melvin Van Peeples! The Documentary! Who needs a recap when we can just look at funny pics and videos!

Beloved fan fave Sgt. Sally Rogers (played by Kristin Rohde) welcoming Bayliss and Pembleton to the crime scene – a very twisted and darkly comedic crime scene!

The terminally snarky and fabulous Det. Meldrick Lewis, played with aplomb by the brilliant actor-director Clark Johnson! What that man can’t do with a hand gesture and a well timed quip, simply cannot be done!

Sgt. Kay Howard’s mysterious love life is exposed for the rest of the squad room, but will the documentary filmmaker – Brodie – live to tell the tale?

Brodie catches Gee being his legendary fabulous ladies’ man self. What’s for dessert, Gee? I’m thinking the brunette.

Bayliss, getting his two buck Chuck on with Brodie filming the catastrophe!

Please! Like I’d spoil the delicious surprise by revealing the identity of the “Lunch Bandit”. Nope. You’ll have to watch the episode yourself!

LOL! “Hey, you’re Barry Levinson!” Best Cameo Ever! Clark Johnson nailed it. When H:LOTS goes meta they don’t screw around. Bringing out the big guns! So much win in this moment!

And now the video portion of our program. Enjoy!

Boom Boom Boom!

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