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H:LOTS – S0507 – “White Lies”

November 11, 2010

Oh snap! Anya Epstein is on the case, y’all. If you haven’t heard her recent interview – joined by fellow In Treatment showrunner/husband Dan Futterman – on Fresh Air you should definitely check it out! While the interview focuses mainly on In Treatment, there’s a mention or two of Fontana and H:LOTS!

Buckaroo Bonzai is back in the director’s chair and while I like his previous effort better – the season four episode “Hate Crimes – I do like his direction on this episode. This episode should be the best ever – Epstein! Fontana! Yoshimura! Robocop! – yet the emphasis on Kellerman’s corruption woes and that damn uninteresting gentrifying arsonist Matthew – and his son Mitch – Roland just doesn’t hold my attention. Mostly, I find myself wanting to check in with Frank and Munch and other folks, rather than be consumed with the Kellerman drama. I also miss the chemistry of Mikey and Meldrick, which is a distant memory thanks to Kellerman’s corruption story arc.

Meanwhile Brodie has been bounced from yet another couch. After staying with Munch, Bayliss and nearly destroying Meldrick’s marriage, he’s looking at options in a cardboard box. Oddly enough, despite being warned against it by Meldrick, Sgt. Howard invites Brodie to stay at her house. I don’t know what Brodie makes, but surely he could afford a more permanent housing solution. What is going on with Munch and his dead wife case. M.E. Cox doesn’t like the husband for the murder, but since she’s not a cop, Munch is not inclined to take her theories of the case to heart.

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