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H:LOTS – S05E06 – “The Heart of Saturday Night”

November 9, 2010

Ooh Whit Stillman!

I get it. Discussing the fabulous ordinary whiteness of being as portrayed in Stillman films such as Last Days of Disco and Metropolitan is really hot. He creates fantastic, witty – albeit incredibly fatuous and pretentious – characters, giving them meaningful goals and interesting things to say. And I like what you said in terms of Stillman’s ability to put aside the snark in favor of crafting a substantial, sympathetic and realistic portrayal of a generally maligned group: yuppies (though often for highly understandable reasons).


Polly Holliday, Rosanna Arquette and Chris Eigeman guest star as a trio of grieving family members whose murdered loved ones’ cases are recounted in a support group meeting. Yuppie anthropologist filmmaker Whit Stillman helms one of the finest episodes of the season. Rosanna Arquette plays the wife of man accidentally killed in a bar fight, with the bar in question being The Waterfront – owned by Munch, Lewis and Bayliss. Arquette is criminally underused and her work here is pitch perfect. Polly Holliday is phenomenal as a grieving mother whose sixteen year old daughter is killed on the night of her birthday. Stillman alum Eigeman puts his brand of smarmy angst to excellent use as a husband of an unsolved carjacking victim. I really love the set up of the episode, which gives the haunting back story of tragic events. Stillman proves to be a brilliant match for H:LOTS and I’m bummed he didn’t direct more episodes. Stillman ability to fix his gaze on the nuances of human interaction and give characters time to be “human” with all their “ums” “uhs” and “uh huhs” intact.

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