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Cinemalphabet: R is for RED

October 20, 2010

Throughout most of Hollywood’s recent big budget offerings there’s been a moment where my ambivalence causes me to conduct a gut check: Am I having fun. Sadly, in most cases my answer – if I wanted to be honest – was, not so much. A realization I would then have to suppress because either it was my job to watch and review the flick or someone else’s hard earned cashmoney had afforded me the opportunity to be unsatisfied and somewhat bored.

With Inception, I was unsuccessful in my attempt to balance the anxiety that films with a lot of ins/outs/whathaveyous cause with the reality that Nolan has never been able to send me out of the theater satiated. With The Karate Kid, I found myself shrugging off the entertainment with a pragmatic, “a mostly talented parentage has yielded a mostly talented kid; good for them!” And these are the Smiths I’m talking about!

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