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H:LOTS – S04E22 – Work Related

September 8, 2010

This entry contains spoilers. As much as a show that’s been off the air for a decade, can be spoiled…

The terminally amazing Jean De Segonzac helms this well written (Hi there, Tom!!!) taut, tense oh snap! filled episode. First up, Lewis and Kellerman investigating a murder-by-bowling-ball-dropped-from-an-overpass. Classic H:LOTS black humor in the Lewis/Kellerman storyline and really, one of the last moments of bromance between the two. Season five spends most of its Kellerman/Lewis time developing the controversial Luther Mahoney story arc.

“Work Related” brings tremendous joy into the lives of Mary and Frank Pembleton, with the birth of their daughter Olivia and tragedy as well – Frank’s stroke in the box, while interrogating a shooting suspect. Note the appearance of The White Glove Killer’s shady defensive attorney Darin Russom, played with informed sleaziness (as evident by his fatness) by fine character actor Michael Willis. Fans of The Wire will also recall Willis as corrupt political fundraiser Andy Krawczyk.

The season finale also see the departure of series regular Isabella Hoffman, whose Det. Russert marries a French diplomat and moves to Paris. These events take place during the hiatus between season four and five. Russert makes a few appearances at the end of season five and for the movie, but otherwise, the police brass done run off the lone female in charge! And with that, we close the book on season four! That only took – what – like five months. Anyway, season five starts immediately with a two parter called “Hostage”.

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