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Snarky’s Machine’s Quarterly Pledge Drive

August 5, 2010

Hey there, Machinists:

Please consider a generous donation to Snarky’s Machine’s Quarterly Pledge Drive to support the ongoing work of this blog. Every single donation is welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping to keep all the sites I maintain ad-free. Machinists, you are truly the best!

donate here

Your donation, while not accompanied by a ceramic mug or Carl Kasell’s voice on your answering machine, enables me to do two really cool things:

  1. Devote more time for content creation (blogging). Ideally, I would like to devote an ENTIRE DAY (gasp) solely to blogging on the sites I maintain. Currently, I blog in between several other projects, which is why it appears that I never sleep. I also have two full time writing jobs and freelance like whoa. Your donation means I would spend every Thursday JUST CREATING piping hot content for YOU!!! More of the great stuff you’ve enjoyed, from pop culture to pens. In addition it pays for that internetty stuff I barely understand.
  2. Donate more of my services to folks (blogging, grant writing, project management). Currently, my ratio of pro-bono to paid work is 10/90 and ideally, I would like to allocate 25% of my services solely for pro-bono or sliding fee work. Your donation means, that feminist website that can’t always afford to pay me gets me as a guest blogger. That tiny service organization with a fantastic mission and efficient service coordination gets an awesome grant writer for FREE. My most recent pro-bono grant writing stint was for an organization doing ER advocacy for Queer and Trans survivors of sexual assault and abuse. I wrote a stellar grant which enables them to pay staff and funds their program for three years.

For each individual donation (up to 25 hours) I will donate an hour of grant writing time for my newest client . Y’all can do it.

Every three months I’ll be hitting you up for the same amount – $1500. Those of you who can, I’d be so grateful for any donation to the fund. I don’t want ADS on this or any other site I maintain. Yay. Let’s keep the Snarky’s Machine media empire content focused and ad-free!

Spread the word. Love y’all.


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