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Required Reading #1

August 5, 2010

A round up of stand out writing from bloggers I adore!

Love is the Slug has a great entry on George Michael called “Great Moments in (my) Pop Culture History”:

It was total bullshit entrapment and part of a sting operation where the LAPD used “pretty police” to lure gay men in public restrooms in order to arrest them. George Michael then went officially public with his sexuality – something lots of us had already clued into as we waved at him in his totally glass closet – and put out a music video for his single “Outside”, all of which was clearly a response to the incident. The officer who arrested him tried to sue over the video saying it was slanderous and caused him emotional distress and had his case shot down not once, but twice! Take that, asshole cop targeting gay dudes!

RMJ blogged about The Bechdel Spectrum over on her TelevIsm column for Bitch Media:

So if one conversation in one episode doesn’t cut it, what does? How does a television show pass the Bechdel test? To fully pass the Bechdel test, every single episode must feature a conversation between two named female characters that is not about a man.

Love is the Slug wrote a blistering critique of Hallmark Channel programming, which traffics in fear mongering and stereotypes to keep its target demographics – seasoned citizens hooked on the channel:

The same way that the Lifetime network feels like it essentializes women in this International Coffees-sipping, Oprah worshiping, perpetually victimized (seriously, those original movies are like a Wheel of Fortune game of cancer/rape/abuse/murder) sort of way, Hallmark feels like it’s here to remind older folks that Growing Old Is Horrible And Terrifying Always. I’m not saying it can’t be scary – hell, I just freaked myself out a month or so ago when I realized I had been convinced for WEEKS that I was still 36 and not 37 and the fact of forgetting my actual age made me feel positively ancient.


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