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Getting My (BlackBerry) Curve On

August 3, 2010

My relationships with cell phones have been riddled with terrible mishaps, fuzzy reception and lackluster performances. Most of it has come at the hands of LG phones; while I take responsibility for my part in the dysfunctional relationship, that still leaves plenty of blame for the phones themselves. I am all about the $0.01 phone, which apparently went out with penny candy. I cannot bring myself to pay cashmoney for a cell phone, which might the culprit in 95% of my cell phone issues. With upgrades and freebies, why should I have to pay for a phone, which I’ll either a) wear out with daily phone calls to La Mommie and other beloved persons b) drop or c) no longer be able to find replacement parts for? I shouldn’t and therefore I don’t. Unfortunately, that leaves me at the mercy of whatever fly-by-night freebie phone my cellular company overstocks. I’ve had some of the worst! I don’t get it. I use my computer more than I use my phone and a computer can last me YEARS (and usually well beyond its planned obsolescence sell-by date), but a phone won’t. Hopefully, armed with ten years of painful cellular lessons, I’ve scored the right phone this time. Here are a few of the not-so-great ones.

Phones of Doom

  • LG VX8500 – Chocolate
    I wanted to love this phone so deeply and I did for about three months! Acquired during the big blizzard of 2007, I was so grateful to have working service that I actually gave my cellular company cashmoney (the first and last time) to own the phone. Well that mutherfucker gave me all kinds of problems, namely the charger port up and quit my ass about ten minutes after the 90 day (fix that shit for free) warranty lapsed. Three times, I went in for repairs before I finally said, “Fuck it.”
  • Verizon Blitz
    My first decent looking free phone, scored from Best Buy. Actually, it wasn’t free – more like twenty bucks. That one was okay for nearly six months, but it really loved hanging up on people – particularly boyfriend type people – and so it had to go. It also got really, REALLY hot if used for more than ten minutes at a time.
  • LG Chocolate Touch
    Having not learned my lesson – chocolate is BAD for me – I was seduced by another LG phone because it was really shiny and I thought a touchscreen was a good choice for me. Turns out I was wrong! The touchscreen is for people who don’t actually need to touch the screen, so after less than six months in my possession, the damn touch screen up and died. I couldn’t initiate calls! I had to wait for folks to call me and either hope I got to the phone in time or quickly hit the send button so I could talk to them. It was a shiny mess.

I am in love with my CrackBerry Curve, which I got on Saturday. Despite being a reasonably busy person, I previously saw no need for a “smart phone”, especially since my history with phones has not been all that spectacular. Yet, after spending 48 hours with Halle (get it?) I don’t understand why I didn’t snag one earlier! The upfront costs – free – didn’t hurt either. Please, Halle, don’t break my heart! And if you are going to quit me, please have the decency to do so before the warranty is spent or during an upgrade eligibility window.

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  1. blackgirlinmaine permalink
    August 3, 2010 7:42 am

    I have a BB Curve myself, once you get one you do find yourself wondering why didn’t I get one sooner. Here’s hoping Halle decides to last.

  2. August 3, 2010 8:22 am

    I’m definitely getting old, because my first thought upon reading this was “Smart phones? Who needs a computer in their pocket? I remember when all phones had to do was text messaging, picture taking, MP3 playing and… um… oh yeah, telephoning.”

  3. hsofia permalink
    August 4, 2010 10:15 am

    Lil Ms No Nap is so used to our iPhones and the iPad that anytime she sees a screen she touches it. I find myself doing it, too, whenever I’m out at a public kiosk. Our TV bears several dozen layers of shiny, tiny index finger prints. We have the Roku so when she wants to choose her videos from Netflix, she touches the DVD image she wants, and we hit Play. I’m sure she thinks it’s a touchscreen, too.

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