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S4x17 – Map of the Heart

June 14, 2010

Meldrick Lewis is on vacation in Toronto – teenage years hometown of Clark Johnson – which leaves the actor free to helm this quirky episode, which has grown on me exponentially. Firstly, must give a shout out to TV’s Woodman – Terry Kinney – who is better known to me as Polly Draper character’s – Ellyn – on again, off again boyfriend from the show thirtysomething. While it might of made more sense to have a crush on Gary Shepherd – I see what you did there, Grey’s Anatomy Executive Producer Peter Horton – I was incredibly fond of Woodman and really wanted to see Ellyn get her shit together and figure out he was a decent enough guy and most likely a better catch than she realized. I also seem to remember Ellyn wearing ski boots – like the ones that clamp onto skis – at some boring meeting and she gestured to Woodman, who looked under the table and noticed them. I guess that meant she was gonna go on a skiing trip after all.

Memorable Dialog

    Pembleton: Imagine Scheiner in a swimsuit.
    Scheiner: I heard that.
    Bayliss: You’ll always be a beautiful swimmer to me, Dr. Scheiner.

There’s a lot more pep in everyone’s step in this episode. This is a credit to both Johnson’s directing talents and his chemistry/relationships with fellow cast mates. They really seem to want to do right by him. The episode itself is rather silly and fun – guy drowns, suddenly NSA shows up and assume jurisdiction; hilarity ensues – and Johnson is wonderful with the material. His direction sets the right tone and I do count Map of the Heart as one of my favorite episodes and I love me some Clark Johnson/Meldrick Lewis!


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