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S4x14/15 – Justice Pt 1 and 2

June 11, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present writer and acclaimed thespian Bruce Campbell. Campbell guest stars as Det. Jake Rodzinsky, an academy cohort of Lewis’ and the grieved loved one at the center of the two part episode. Campbell is well used here and his charm and wit is present, but tailored to the character and conventions of the show. He gives a tour-de-force performance as Rodzinksy. Munch and Russert are the ones who caught the case and Rodzinsky expresses his concerns about lead detectives credibility and investigation capabilities. This makes for classic H:LOTS dramatic conflict. Nice to see Kristin Rohde known and loved by H:LOTS fans as the delightful Sgt. Sally Rogers – the oft featured uniform first on the scene.

Munch and Russert have their own share of issues, mostly due to Russert’s backseat detective-ing and unwillingness to accept the realities of her double demotion. Munch, while being the primary, lacks authority and an awareness of the politics of high profile murders, despite being at the center of few red balls himself. Munch and Russert make missteps in the investigating, namely gate crashing the victim’s wake, where they are bounced out on their asses by Jake who doesn’t understand why they’ve shown up if they don’t have any helpful case updates or suspects. I’m inclined to agree with Jake on this one. Campbell takes no freaking shit. Have these two never seen Army of Darkness? Jake Rodzinsky is not a reasonable man.

There are a lot of ins and outs and whathaveyous. Intrigue, sexual shenanigans and killers of unrelated victims confessing to crimes. Part one sets up all the pins and part two knocks them all down. Prepared to be surprised, amazed and in the meantime, enjoy this unrelated bit of dialog from Pembleton and Bayliss.

    Bayliss: You always do this to me, nobody else, just me. Just your partner.
    Pembleton: You ordered…a meatball hero?
    Bayliss: Grilled cheese.
    Pembleton: Oh, that’s it.
    Bayliss: That’s what? What’s wrong with a grilled cheese sandwich?
    Pembleton: It’s so… you know… white boy.
    Bayliss: White boy?
    Pembleton: Yeah, it’s such a non-statement. White bread, American cheese, you know?
    Bayliss: This isn’t about the sandwich Frank, this is about you and me.
    Pembleton: No, it’s the sandwich.
    Bayliss: You know, you’re starting to display passive-agressive tendencies. You’re trying to tell me something by not bringing me lunch.
    Pembleton: No. It’s the sandwich.
    Bayliss: Gimme my money back. I want my money back.
    Pembleton: You have to wait for change.
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  1. hsofia permalink
    July 20, 2010 8:05 pm

    Am I right in thinking that this passive aggressive behavior on Frank’s part is a reaction to Tim’s actions in the case of the negligent doctor?

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