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S4x07 – Thrill of the Kill

May 16, 2010

A spree killer takes the northbound route to terror with scenic stops at the best and most populated rest areas I-95N has to offer. Thanks to the size of most fuel tanks and mathematical twists of fate, the killer does his best work in the Baltimore Homicide jurisdiction. More bad news: the FBI, it seems, is actually interested in coordinating efforts – meaning share the praise, but delegate the responsibility while withholding the bulk of the authority. I suppose this could be considered an improvement, though the timing of this new found desire to cooperate is a tad suspicious. The single most important lesson I learned from this episode is that if a gas station attendant says in a calm voice, “Uh, you need to come inside with me. There’s a problem with your credit card.” I will NOT make a Rosa Parks moment out of it, nor take swipes at him with my purse if he clutches my arm. I’ll follow him in a calm manner and therefore avoid getting shot in the face by a deranged spree killer hopped up on truckers little helpers and possessing serious mommy issues. Or as Bayliss said, “If it’s not one thing it’s your mother.” He probably was quoting someone else though.

Memorable Quotes

    Bayliss: Business or pleasure?
    Pembleton: One doesn’t carry a beeper for pleasure.
    Bayliss: Hookers do.
    Pembleton: Prostitution is business; not pleasure.
    Bayliss: Yeah, I still don’t get that.


    Gee has trouble picking out the appropriate tie – yet oddly does not opt to go through his collection of Father’s Day Ties – for his visit with his daughter, Charisse. Then there’s the matter of the spree killer and the fact his daughter – en route from Richmond VA – is running a bit late, though hasn’t bothered to contact her father to let him know this important piece of information. Now, I’ve done my own share of tearing up the road between Richmond and Baltimore and I swear – even with traffic – it’s not that much of a haul. Certainly nothing warranting the kind of parental concern displayed by Gee, even with a coked up spree killer on the loose. What is it, like 200 miles or so?

Pembleton and Bayliss

    The A-team chase down leads and question the bathroom behaviors of travelers. “Why don’t people ever flush?” Bayliss asks while staring at another body, seated on the crapper, riddled with shotgun holes. Pembleton really wishes gas tanks had larger fuel capacities or at least got better gas mileage. Mostly so the bulk of the killing would land in someone else’s backyard. As they say in nursing homes all across the country, “Bingo.”

Kellerman and Lewis

    The B-team spend the morning chilling at a dive bar asking questions and apparently missing the suspect who sits at the end of the bar minding his business. Yet are somehow seem offended when Pembleton curses them out and demands to question the barkeeper himself. Yeah, seriously! The nerve of Pembleton!


    Munch as always wanted to be Paul Harvey and he gets his best chance when he reads the suspect’s rap sheet over the CB to a captive audience, though not especially enthralled, in the form of Bayliss and Pembleton. “Page 2,” says Munch and gets incredibly insulted – like me – upon realizing neither detectives gets his reference.

This episode will leave you feeling tricked, uneasy though ultimately satisfied. Taking a shopworn trope and turning it on its head. You’ll be making the same face as Bayliss, shown here getting some rather unpleasant news.

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  1. hsofia permalink
    May 20, 2010 2:30 am

    My disc starting acting up when I went to watch this episode. After fiddling around with the disc and remote, I got it to play. About 15 minutes into the episode, a scene faded to black and the credits rolled. I was like, WTH – is this a two-parter?! Wait, – what? Turns out the disc had somehow skipped over the first half hour of the episode, therefore I’d watched the last 15 minutes thinking it was the first 15 minutes. Which explained a lot.

    I’m still really unclear as to why the Gee Family is so dysfunctional. Was Gee a bad dad?

  2. May 20, 2010 10:59 am

    I’m still really unclear as to why the Gee Family is so dysfunctional. Was Gee a bad dad? I think Gee was probably a bit of bully based on his relationships with this kids. Al Jr. became an FBI agent! Charisse had some great Salt n Peppa Push It hair!

  3. hsofia permalink
    May 20, 2010 4:39 pm

    Oh yes, Charisse was definitely fresh.

  4. May 20, 2010 5:22 pm

    I was wondering about her hair given that it was 1997ish. Still, I liked the character. Definitely, like Charisse better than Al Jr.

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