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I wanted this to be professional. Efficient, adroit, co-operative, not a lot to ask.

May 7, 2010

Tim Robbins best known for his work in Little Miss Firecracker.

That was the week that was.

  • Thanks to my post called “A History of Violence” I was asked to do another film panel thingie. Oddly enough, my last film panel yielded TWO different requests for party planning – I’m sorry, special events coordination – which I’ve decided to do. I like making lists. I like parties. I suspect I would probably also like making party lists. Back to the film panel thingie: I am expected to conjure up some intriguing analysis on Eastwood, which I’m pretty sure is not supposed to encompass those chimp movies or In the Line of Fire – the most recent flicks of his I’ve watched.
  • I got invited then summarily booted out of a Trivial Pursuit game group for – cheating (pending). Apparently, having a preternatural ability to recall the names of French colonized African nations with ease and efficiency is what passes for cheating these days.
  • After 11 years, the much beloved The Prisoner messageboard is finally folding. Apparently it could not recover from the influx of drama and folks wanting to dish the AMC remake. For nearly a decade there was nothing approximating drama, thanks in no small part to the site owner’s draconian rules of engagement and the fact you could not discuss anything except The Prisoner or how much you adored Patrick Magoohan. Which btw, is how it should, both on the board and in life.

And we’re not having hot mush today! *cheers* We’re having cold mush. *boos*

Here’s what I’ve been reading in the world of pop culture:

  • ON THE SET OF DUNE over at the great, all mighty and utterly righteous Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule. I go back and forth on the subject of Dune – like the Lynchian involvement while not being especially into Dune itself, despite having read the books and such – so anyone who can parse things out in such a way enabling me to reconsider my position (again) is always welcomed and appreciated:

    Like it or despise it, Lynch’s Dune is a unique beast— it was fortunate to have come into existence before Blade Runner had begun to cast its shadow across the breadth of science fiction and shows little sign of the kind of vision-cribbing from Scott’s film that would become standard operating procedure for filmmakers working in a futuristic mode ever since

    ahhh Ridley’s Blood Runner – the chicken of the sci-fi film world.

  • Nick’s Flick Picks has some interesting analysis of De Palma’s Mission to Mars that feels more encouraging then the countless other shrill missives I’ve read about the film. “SHODDY” and “DISAPPOINTING” being frequently used terms. While I did denote some mellow harshing agents, the review was not framed from the perspective that BDeP owes them something . Because he doesn’t. From the review:

    The opening sequence blends technical virtuosity with a kind of warm and personal storytelling modesty that’s rare for De Palma: Stephen H. Burum’s graceful, almost zero-gravity camera executes a miraculous sequence shot that evokes the breezy domesticity of a backyard barbeque, while staying just shy of being too smug or showy about its own formal accomplishment.

    Ooh. A bbq in a BDeP film with no cannibalism? I don’t know, I guess I will have to watch.

  • Oh yeah, in honor of Orson Welles’ birthday I jotted down a quick couple of reflections in a post called F for Fake: Orson Will Perpetrate No Crime Before Its Time. It’s not hard hitting analysis, but mostly designed to encourage others to check it out. There’s a HOT CHICK in it and some amusing masturbatory chow chow about art.
  • Everett, my cohort over at IFMiB wrote a great piece about bombs in popular. Yeah, I thought it was about Ishtar as well. Nope. The Pop Culture of Bombs is about the bomb making and maker narratives used in film, analysis of race, class and when NOT to cut the red wire.

When are the H:LOTS recaps returning?

  • Let’s see. They are in fact all written and I’m being more leisurely about scheduling them. Most likely, I will post 2 – 3 per week along with other content until I start guest blogging at Bitch Magazine and then they will run five days a week. I have been generating content in anticipation for my busy summer schedule and lots of it is pretty sweet. Don’t worry, I will pop back on Snarky’s from time to time to post a righteous smack down or some other hilarious reversal of fortune I’ve experienced.
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  1. May 7, 2010 2:50 pm

    I agree with a lot of what’s said in that piece about Lynch’s Dune. I always worry when a book like Dune — one with a rabid fan base — gets made into a movie, because the fans (me included) tend to get upset about whatever’s left out (hey Peter Jackson, what happened to Tom Bombadil?) and of course something has to get cut. On the other hand, trying to be too faithful to the story ends up weighing the movie down considerably (as I think it did with Watchmen).

    I think it’s a shame that Lynch has never done a director’s cut of Dune, though some might say that 2+ hours is already too long.

  2. May 7, 2010 3:13 pm

    I think it’s a shame that Lynch has never done a director’s cut of Dune, though some might say that 2+ hours is already too long.

    at 2 plus hours it appears he didn’t make any cuts at all.

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