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S3x18 – In Search of Crimes Past

April 24, 2010

The newly minted Capt’n Russert hits the ground running with a hostage situation. Powerful episode involving long lasting love of both the familial and the romantic. Wonderful parallel story arcs involving THE BRASS and the detectives. Again, in the annals of H:LOTS episodes, this sweet and sour episode is overlooked. Standout performances by Yaphet Kotto, Clayton Le Bouf (Colonel Barnfather) and Isabella Hoffman (Captain Russert). Nice cameo from Jerry Stiller!

Munch: You ever seen “Cocktails”?
Lewis: Why? You hired Tom Cruise for our bar?


  • Big Man and Felton find themselves in a doozy on the eve of an execution. The killer’s daughter takes newly minted Colonel Barnfather hostage demanding a stay of execution based on the belief that her father was wrongly accused and convicted of murder. As they race against the clock, Barnfather’s life hangs in a balance. (I have always wanted to write that in the context of a television story arc) It’s interesting watching shoe leather/manilla folder police work, which is light years away from the freeze dried computerized instant karma style of police work on television today. It’s real hard to find suspenseful moments in watching a handful of detectives steam up the back of a geek’s neck as they frantically bangs on keys and magically produce case cracking information. Later Munch checks on his new bartender and suddenly knows the meaning of the phrase, “Thanks, but you’ve done enough.”


  • Gee is still having a difficult time dealing with the loss of his career ambitions and Russert’s rise to power. He undermines her in front of the squad and finds himself in the hot seat, while the squad melts down – okay not really – over the hostage situation and the subsequent emmy baiting. Russert maintains her tenuous grip on her new throne and feels like her methods are being questioned merely because folks are bitter about her new position.


  • Lewis catches a suicide that cracks both his case and possibly the previously solved case at the apex of the hostage situation. Fortunately, the suicide was kind enough to leave a detailed note admitting guilt and apologizing. Hopefully, it’s not too late for for exoneration of a doomed man. Big Man and Lewis tackle the connections between their two cases in order to provide Big Man with some closure. Since it’s H:LOTS you can exhale, cause their brand of closure is not what folks would consider satisfying.


  • It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a nice moment between these two, unfortunately it comes as they investigate the suspicious death of an elderly woman with a real noisy neighbor. As Bayliss and Pembleton ponder the case, they wax poetically about their own dreams of elderly loving. Bayliss wants to spend his golden years with a nice lady in her 70s – he’ll be 75 – sitting on his lap, and well you know where it goes from there. This storyline is bittersweet and the writing is especially gripping. Enjoy it while it lasts, because well it won’t. These two will be eager to get their hands the other’s skinny neck in the very next episode! It makes me eager for the groove H:LOTS finds in season four, which is two episodes away!

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