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S3x17 – The Old and The Dead

April 22, 2010

Oh the squad is in for a treat this time. The late Tim Russert finally makes good on Lt. – Captain, rather – Russert’s claim of notable relations. Playing himself, Russert (the actual real and famous one) bickers with fictional cousin Russert over the matter of her poor gift choices. The moment a delightful return to the softer, cheekier side of H:LOTS. This of course doesn’t mean there won’t be murder, mayhem and maranara.


  • Class wars come to a head between Tim and Beau, as they venture into South Baltimore – aka “Billytown” – in order to solve the murder of an elder man whose body shows no signs of foul play, but nevertheless is discovered buried in someone’s backyard. No, Mrs. Krebs, your dog can’t keep the thighbone as a reward.


  • Big Man returns to rotation, but not before having to deal with the department cognitive behavioral shrink who must clear him for duty. Naturally, this does not make him happy nor does he find it particularly useful. Pickle, sneaker, toilet paper. Howard is not happy about the redecorating that happened while she was battling for her life. Nevertheless she still manages to unravel a crime without leaving her newly moved desk or
    the squadroom. Bolander, cleared for take off, joins Munch on the case of wealthy elder couple and the case shocks both detectives, particularly when they find their suspect.


  • The squad is a buzz with flies and a wash with a backed up men’s room. Gee demands answers and admonishes the repair crew to leave his scones the hell alone. In the meantime, he makes a shocking discovery regarding the elusive Cooter Plumbing and Col. Grainger, which leads to a huge BRASS shake ups and chickens from many episodes ago, coming to roost.

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