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Technical Difficulties

April 21, 2010

do not adjust this blog...

So Snarky’s having a few technical difficulties of the internet variety, plus she’ll be at film panel thingie all day. So as your blogger I advise you to enjoy the following…

Arnold Raced Out of The Door is a piece I wrote in an attempt to unravel the mysterious sentence.

Fans of Murder, She Wrote are often as fascinated by every detail of the opening credit sequence as they are with the actual episodes. In it we see Jessica engaged in a host of wholesome Celebrex related elderly persons activity tropes – most of which have very little to do with staging murders to solve or writing about those staged murders. The exception is a few key scenes showing the audience glimpses into Jessica’s writing process, which involves lots of determined key tapping, carriage returning and the satisfying shuffling of papers into what looks to be a menu from Red Lobster.

Everett wrote a fantastic piece on IFMiB for the weekly “Quick Pats of Butter”:

Dorothy Height passed away today, at the age of 98. Ms. Height coined the phrase, “if the time isn’t ripe, ripen the time,” and was the head of the National Council of Negro Women for 30 years. It’s been mentioned that she was on the platform during Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech, which she was, but make no mistake about it, Ms. Height shouldn’t be revered or missed because she wore bright hats or got to stand in Lincoln’s shadow.

Nothing is Ever Accomplished by Committee is a piece I wrote in order to clarifying the vision and intentions of “I Fry Mine in Butter”:

I have never taken a hipster “ain’t it ironic that we like _____” approach to pop culture engagement and I have no tolerance for folks who do. It does not lead to nuanced analysis of the material nor does it say anything about the writer except they aren’t particularly thoughtful and lack the writing chops to passionately critique their own pop culture consumption. I strongly believe it is vital to critique that which a person consumes and leave that barrel fishing shooting to those with less skills and less integrity.

IFMiB is not the place for that kind of low level concern trolling.

That’s why our contributor’s page is down one contributor.

Raymond wrote a hilarious piece – “Adult Contemporary Dreams Dion Vs. Streisand”

What I learned from Andre’s book is that he is the first person to have played a Celine Dion song for Barbra Streisand. It is a throwaway moment of a story, even though he obviously is aware of the punchline enough to make sure the anecdote got included. It happens in his car, he pops the CD in, plays the song and that’s it, end scene. Oh, had I been Agassi’s ghostwriter, I would have lingered so much longer on that. What was she wearing? How was her Streisandicure? What Celine song was it? Did Barbra make any movements with her mouth, any furrowed brow, any look of curiosity? Where were you driving? Was it a whole album or one song? Did she study or ignore it? Andre, I want to know it all!


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