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S3x16 Law and Disorder

April 20, 2010

What I really dig about this episode is the seeming return to normal activities. While the squad members are still processing the events from THE CITY THAT BLEEDS, life is slowly returning to normal. The cold open is delicious with a cameo from both Chris Noth and John Waters, who makes his second appearance on the show.


Plenty of New Yorkers *ran* down here to Baltimore. Dorothy Parker, for example.


Dorothy who?

R. Vincent Smith:

Parker, you illiterate.


Dorothy Parker was the wittiest woman in America. The *toast* of Manhattan. She dies, she’s cremated. Her ashes sit in a jar in some Wall Street lawyer’s office for twenty years – *twenty years* – while all the New York sophisticates ham and haw, ‘whatsoever shall we do with poor Dorothy’s ashes?’ And where does she end up? Baltimore!


I got two words for you guys. Babe Ruth. The Babe. King of Swing, Sultan of Swat, born right here in Baltimore. But where does he go to get his fame and fortune? New York City.

R. Vincent Smith:

Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe hated New York so much he had to come to Baltimore to die! That’s what New York does to its poets.


What did he die of, the local crab cakes? Enjoy your stay, Shakespeare.


You’re going to jail for this murder. But thank your lucky stars it’s not gonna be in New York.

R. Vincent Smith:

Why do you think I didn’t fight extradition? I may be guilty, but I’m no fool.


  • Oh did he catch a dog of a case! The murder of the only viable suspect in the shooting of Bolander, Howard and Felton. Oddly enough the wounded detectives are the only ones not under suspicion! Gee denies Bayliss’s request for a partner and to be removed from the case. His fellow detectives have deliciously fatuous alibis, which each relishes in explaining to him. It’s pretty clever to see all the detectives behaving similar to suspects dragged into the box. Well played, H:LOTS.


  • These two clowns! They pair up on the investigation of a woman murdered in a supermarket parking lot straddling the line between the white and black sides of the neighborhood. There is some interesting discourse surrounding the realities of the case and both detectives are quite dogmatic in their assertions. And when you just think you’ve got another drawn out scene of officers canvassing a neighborhood they stumble onto another murder and murderer, Miss Myra. I have not laughed so hard at the ridiculousness of a suspect, who offers them food and acts as though there is nothing particularly odd about shooting a lover and stuffing him into a deep freezer in her basement. And that’s not even the most shocking twist!


  • Gee placates Bayliss, admonishes Felton and proves a real source of support to Munch who’s just not having a good day. Felon is back on duty – desk duty – but yearns for the metallic smell of blood at a crime scene. Unfortunately, his stomach doesn’t and he horks himself into a verbal shouting match with Gee.


  • Munch gets some embarrassing news from his past! Every time I think of this episode I giggle. I won’t spoil it. You’ll just have to watch it for yourself.
3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 20, 2010 3:11 pm

    That scene with John Waters is hilarious!

  2. April 20, 2010 4:13 pm

    The last line “I might be guilty but I’m no fool.” is delivered with Waters perfection.

  3. hsofia permalink
    May 6, 2010 2:26 am

    I remember when i saw this episode the first time I just loved loved the moment when Waters harumphs after Pembleton says, “Typical. Big Apple attitude.” And Chris Noth’s face-roll. What a pleasure to be able to replay it again and again.

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