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S3x15 End Game

April 19, 2010

This post contains SPOILERS!!!

Trying something new here. Shake things up a bit. Just like H:LOTS. As the last installment of the trilogy finds many shocking events. Firstly, the apprehension of a viable suspect, followed by the fickle finger of the law. This is such a gripping episode.


  • Pembleton gets into the box with the suspect in the cop shooting. Gee and Bayliss is along for the ride. The suspect is all about some crazy racist foolishness. It’s interesting, but I would say it tended to go overboard, particularly there didn’t need to be this much pressure to make the audience find the suspect disgusting. Still, the interplay between Pembleton and the suspect is riveting. I am deliberately not disclosing the name of the suspect. Later that evening Bayliss returns to the scene of the crime where the suspect has been murdered and he is unable to even get a patrol unit to respond to the scene.


  • Felton is released from the hospital, but not before paying his partner a visit. He believes it was his fault Howard was shot and there’s a bit of chow chow regarding the nature of a partner’s responsibility. The scene is poignant, awkward and has a very uncomfortable resolution. I loved the chemistry between Leo and Baldwin. Meanwhile Bolander takes another turn for the worse.


  • Munch and Lewis observe the interrogation of the cop shooter and find they have decidedly different approaches to how best run it. Unfortunately, Gee is not about to let Munch anywhere near the suspect who took a shot at him. Lewis takes a run at the suspect and strikes out. Munch and Pembleton get into the scraps and it’s pretty awful to witness.
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  1. hsofia permalink
    May 6, 2010 1:48 am

    Tough to see him slip away like that.

    Also, I had forgotten what a doofus Lewis was.

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