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S3x08: All Through The House

April 7, 2010

AIR DATE: 12/16/1994
WRITTEN BY: Henry Bromell
DIRECTED BY: Peter Medak
GUEST STAR: Nancy Marchand

I love Holiday themed episodes, particularly cop shows where there is no shortage of black humor to be had. “Merry Christmas, Homicide” or “Ho-Ho-Ho-Homicide.” The coroner even gets into the act. When asked why he’s so inclusive with his holiday cheer he says, “I want everyone who comes here to feel welcome!” This is a wonderful episode featuring a poignant guest appearance by the late, great Nancy “Mama Soprano” Marchand. The squad room is a buzz with chow chow, crooked card games and of course the possible murder of a bell ringing Santa.

Lewis catches the case of a flame broiled star witness in a murder trial. Her nice teeth threaten to turn the case into a RED BALL, but luckily for Lewis it doesn’t turn out to be. It’s really is the most wonderful time of the year. Russert assists Lewis with the investigation. Wonderful chemistry between Hoffman and Johnson (the actors who play Russert and Lewis respectively).

Munch and Bolander are tasked with determining who was naughty enough to stab Santa six times. While going door to door spreading their own brand of holiday anti-cheer, they happen upon a child, whom they believe to be the son of the slain Santa. Bolander leaves Munch with the kid while he runs down leads and locates Social Services. Since it is Christmas Eve after all, Bolander probably has a better chance of finding a Clydesdale performing neurosurgery.

Bayliss wants to play some Hearts. No, scratch that. Bayliss wants to hustle his fellow detectives in a nice game of Hearts. Felton is wrapping presents, thinking about his kids and Howard his harshing his mellow by pointing out the fly in his oinment – Felton still doesn’t know where the wife took the kids. Bayliss seeks to engage Felton in a little Christmas cheer and ends up nearly having Felton pull a gun on him. So much for comfort. Bayliss makes the mistake asking Pembleton how he’s doing and before he could mention cards, Frank shuts his ass down. He gets nowhere with Howard and then he asks Gee.


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