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S3x02: Fits Like A Glove

April 1, 2010

Air Date: 10/21/1994
TELEPLAY BY: Bonnie Marks
STORY BY: Tom Fontana & Julie Martin
DIRECTED BY: Ted Demme (October 26, 1963 – January 13, 2002)

This episode is The Empire Strikes Back of the WHITE GLOVE saga with fantastic direction from the late, underrated TED DEMME (Jonathan Demme’s nephew). With the discovery of another victim – stripped naked with the exception of a pair of white cotton church gloves – tempers flare as the Red Ball gets even redder.

Frank gets the first break in the case – the discovery of the crime scene, which proves disastrous for the primary Gaffney – and is reassigned as the primary. Frank hits the ground running, coordinating the troops and reasserting his previous belief the crimes were motivated by religiosity. The discovery of the first victim’s missing cross necklace confirms Frank’s theory about the killer’s motive and psychological profile. Meanwhile Bayliss gets ‘ounded by Lewis and Munch as they continue preparing the paperwork to make a run for the bar. Bayliss is annoyed as he desires to maintain his status as silent partner. Unfortunately, his mellow is in for a good harshing when his criminal activities come to light and his strict adherence to the rules of chain letters come back to haunt him. He also indulges Frank’s revelations regarding GOODRICH and LUNDY murders, believing the killer is a fallen Catholic whose reasoning both disturb and intrigue him.

Felton puts Howard in an awkward position asking her to run interference between Felton and his wife Beth. Howard’s reluctance tests her loyalty to her partner and also further complicates matters in Felton’s crumbling marriage. Not that Felton notices. Other than his children, his sole interest seems to be banging Lt. Russert and working the red ball. Felton goes home and gets into the scraps with Beth who decides she wants him to come home.

While working the case, Munch and Lewis negotiate the bureaucratic barriers and bar ownership paperwork. Lewis works both Bayliss and Munch over in order to ensure they haven’t been convicted of any crimes, which would thwart their attempts to gain approval from the liquor board. Crosetti’s still on vacation, and Lewis is paired with Shabazz to chase down leads in the second WHITE GLOVE murder. Bolander chats up the victims families while Munch and Lewis get some bad news regarding their liquor board application; Bayliss has some ‘splaining to do. Bolander and Pembleton follow up on a lead,- a weird collector dude looking to purchase the white gloves found at the crime scene – which ultimately proves to blow the whole damn thing open. Bolander and Pembleton – under the watchful eye of Gee – interrogate their murder memorabilia enthusiast who gives them some troubling news about their case. Namely that their killer has a rather long and colorful resume.

Russert confronts Gaffney over his shoddy police work – a decision that starts a chain of events rippling throughout the run of the show – and relieves him of his primary status. Gaffney goes on a racist/sexist hate spewing bender, which results in his suspension and reassignment. Russert’s relationship with Felton further develops creating complications for each them as they try to keep their humping quiet. Gee, on the other hand, is overseeing the investigation and providing wise counsel for Russert who confesses to being shaken by Gaffney’s outbursts and fears that Candyman will reveal vital details of the latest murder – namely its connection to the previous murder. Gee helps Russert placate Candyman by promising him exclusivity when they arrest a suspect, which she tells him will happen within 24 hours. That would be great if they actually had any idea as to the identity of the killer.

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  1. April 2, 2010 7:03 am

    As much as I enjoy these, it’s even funner when I get to read a review of an ep I’ve actually seen! You do a tremendous job at distilling the nature of the relationships among the characters. I particularly like the way your reviews are organized — as the show and the copwork are — in teams.

  2. April 2, 2010 2:32 pm

    Thanks redlami. The team device really helps me keep track of all the threads in my head, if you know what I mean.

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