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March 28, 2010

I was told this was a business casual event.

Clickable bits of new hotness I’ve discovered on the web…

Slurring on Reel Annie’s Miss Hannigan Takes the Damned Prize was an amusing read from The Prodigal Guide

Spectacularly played by the great Carol Burnett, Miss Hannigan goes down as the single greatest movie drunk we’ve ever seen. Well, Lee Marvin runs a close second in his role in Cat Balou, but Burnett plays the role with such gusto, joy and credibility that you can’t help but fall in love with her. Again and again.

Where Has All the Content Gone Pt. 3 is the latest in series written by Fry Butter’s resident cultural anthropologist Ev Maroon

In February my mailbox was excited to cough up the latest issue. A grilled, panini-looking sandwich graced the cover. Seriously? A grilled sandwich? I could go to Cosi for this crap. Do not give me a magazine cover with a freaking sandwich on it, I yelled at the thin glossy rag. What’s coming for March, I wondered, a bowl of Fruit Loops with fried plantains in a bowl?

My Personal Troll Nightmare by another Fry Butter contributer, Miss Jacks had me in tears, laughing so hard.

Although she is normally an arbiter of decent tastes and sensibilities, these Trolls belong to my live-in girlfriend, Meghann. While she hasn’t accumulated any new Trolls in about fifteen years, the ones she has retained throughout time are on prominent display in our bedroom. There is another shelf full of Trolls behind a bookcase, containing, among other atrocities, a clown Troll and a white-haired Troll dressed as either an elderly woman or a young schoolgirl, I can’t tell which.

There Is Nothing Amusing comes from the sweet blog called Random Southern Again, which I definitely need to be reading/commenting on more!

*Actually, the real amusement/schadenfreude will be for the FBI to show up at some city/state/federally funded worksite to ‘interview’ suspects. Because we all know it’s probably some idiot public employee who finds this ‘government overreach’ the most egregious and does not in the least grasp the concept of cognitive dissonance.

Glitz and Glimmer from Tasha Fierce explains how to do the whole sequin-as-daywear without looking like refugee of a Bob Mackie sample sale.

Eveningwear during the day is a trend I wholeheartedly endorse. I heart sequins, shine, tulle, and anything else fancy that makes you look like you’re doing the walk of shame on the regular every morning. Why shouldn’t every day be a party? You look fabulous, you’re fierce, you’re working it and what better to express that to the general public than blinging it up in situations where bling may not be called for. They might be headed to work, but you’re headed to your Oscar party.

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