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S2x01: See No Evil

March 27, 2010

AIR DATE: 1/3/1994
DIRECTED BY: Chris Menaul
WRITTEN BY: Paul Attanasio
GUEST STARS: Wilford Brimley

Season 2 of H:LOTS has the dubious distinction of being the shortest production run in history – FOUR EPISODES. That said, I will take these four spectacular episodes over a full production run of NASH BRIDGES. Seriously, people why? I get that 10:00pm on Fridays is not generally the domain of shows hoping to reach that coveted demographic, because we were supposedly out on hopeless dates, dancing to bad techno music or buying products advertised during the shows we did actually watch. Seriously, playa, you couldn’t postpone your inevitable night of buying drinks for women who weren’t going to date you an hour later? You couldn’t wait an hour to get your booty popping on? I did. I was a goth, club kid type and really nothing interesting happened before midnight anyway. I watched H:LOTS as I clothed myself in the finest gothery one could procure from “MeeMaw’s House of Lace Curtains and Polyester Slips” Granted, I should save Nash Bridges rants for Season 3 and onward, but I’m trying to prepare you for them. Oddly enough, NASH BRIDGES is cut of that same Walker Texas Ranger, Matlock, Monk and Diagnosis Murder cloth and if it hadn’t decided to position itself opposite H:LOTS I would have been more than willing to watch and wax poetically about it. There’s no doubt in my mind I would have found it satisfying similar to the above mentioned shows. Oh let’s quit caveating – I would have loved that fucking show. But folks who know me know I am loyal like a motherfuck and it’s TEAM FONTANAVERSE ATW (all the way). I am a hardcore Fontana fan. Don’t make me blog THE BEDFORD DIARIES to prove it.

At the start of the season Gee has his hands full with the latest plot device – sensitivity training for the squad. Tasked with the thankless job of herding the cats for baths, Gee rallies the troops with threats and pleasantries. The BRASS come down to raise Gee’s blood pressure demanding the officer related shooting be handled and depending on the court of public opinion it could go badly for everyone involved.

Felton meets with that Oatmeal guy who terminal and finds himself in a rare position – a homicide detective on the scene well before the murder. It gets complicated because Felton cannot reconcile his duties a detectives with his duties as a friend. Before you think you’ve seen this done eleventy billion times and write it off – don’t. Any trope done on H:LOTS is turned on its head. Howard is first on deck with the therapist. Leo is wonderful and utterly hypnotic as she explores her feelings for her work, her relationship with Danvers and her relationship with Felton.

Pembleton and Bayliss get a call to an officer involved shooting. Except the victim was shot in the back and of course is lying face up. White officer/Black victim, you know where this is going. Again, H:LOTS will do it in a completely refreshing way. Both Bayliss and Pembleton have doubts about the story of the officer involved. Upon questioning him he gets defensive and immediately lawyers up.

BOLANDER and Munch
Munchkin and Big Man have decidedly different reactions to having a session with the therapist, resulting in one of them being placed on suspension for insubordination. This is another wonderful example of how H:LOTS handles “issues”. Too often shows either go to one extreme or another in regards to stigmatization of mental illness treatment and therapy, but H:LOTS presents a multifaceted picture of the ranges of views on the subjects without judgment. That said, Munch sure thinks about cross dressing a lot, pegging Gee as a thong bikini lover and Lewis as having a similar preference.

Tensions more than fly when Crosetti and Lewis catch the Oatmeal Guy’s case after he ends up dead. Felton sneaks in the box to coach his friend as to how to handle being interrogated. Lewis catches him and to be sure there is big trouble in little China. Lewis and Felton get into the scraps in the bathroom in a spectacular display of chest hair and spittle. Lewis says, “You go when you go and anything else is homicide.”

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  1. March 29, 2010 9:28 am

    I was listening to a story on NPR about how workers and managers at GM plants resisted the kind of improvements to its production system that could have saved the company. Not that Japanese-style management is in any way the same as sensitivity training, but I don’t think anyone really likes being told they could improve the way they’re doing something they already think they’re doing as well as they can.

  2. March 29, 2010 10:10 am

    I agree. I think what probably makes a Homicide detective good at their job is a lack of sensitivity. As evident with Bayliss/ADENA WATSON, too much sensitivity can get in the way of closing cases.

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