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S1x07:A Dog and Pony Show

March 24, 2010

AIRDATE: 3/10/1993
WRITTEN BY: Tom Fontana
DIRECTED BY: Alan Taylor

The characters are really getting their groove this episode. The first real glimpses of the H:LOTS everyone talks about. The dynamic chemistry between sets of partners are strengthen and this episode provides a much needed comic relief – albeit darkly comic. Everyone’s confronting their own fears and wounds and it’s handled in ways that are nuanced and leave the audience feeling uncomfortable. The direction here should be noted. Taylor is really great with intimate character moments and framing shots in odd and interesting ways.

Gee puts the screws to Bayliss and Pembleton to set the WATSON case aside and get back into case rotation. And Frank demonstrates his willingness to do so, unfortunately he answers a call which takes the two of them out to the murder of a police dog. Bayliss hopes to go through the motions until Pembleton figures out the police dog has been poisoned and therefore murdered. Naturally, this is exactly the kind of case Bayliss needs to enhance his reputation. Pembleton deconstructs various breeds of dogs. Irish Setters = The “I LOVE LUCY” of dogs. The case resolves itself rather quickly when it occurs to both detectives JAKE (the dog) might have been a victim of friendly fire. Or maybe not.

Munch reads the paper and Bolander paces the squad waiting for Blythe and her son who is going on a ride along. Munch also discovers under Kentucky law a man using a wheel chair while drunk can be charged with an DUI. Big Man (Bolander) and Munch get more than they bargained for when Blythe’s son turns out to be a know-it-all privileged dreamcatcher assclown. You know what I’m talking about.

Crosetti visits THORMANN and shows the depths of compassion for his friend that THORMANN doesn’t want. Despite recovering his wounds he struggles to adjust to his body and its abilities. Crosetti is amazing in giving Thormann his space to have his feelings, while still doing what needs to be done for his care. Lewis joins Felton and Howard when it seems the same gun is involved with both of their cases.

While investigating the murder of IDA MAE KEENE, Howard bitches about the new batch of female officers who she believes are just secretaries with badges and guns. Felton suggests that Howard might have an issue with women, which is quite a grasp of the obvious. Tensions of a sexual nature rise when Felton inadvertently tells Howard he’s not attracted to her, which of course causes Howard to poise the musical question: “D’ya think I’m sexy?”. Fortunately we switch to a less uncomfortable scene of Crosetti and Thormann discussing the realities of adult diapers and fatherhood.

Gee suits up for the retirement of a colleague and hopefully his own promotion announcement in the future, knowing that whomever is selected as his cohort won’t have enough time in when a Captain position opens up. Dropping off his drunk newly retired former co-worker he gets his mellow harshed. Drunk or not, this retiree is dropping some hard science on Gee, who like most people when confronted with shit they don’t want to hear, opts to dismiss it entirely.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 25, 2010 7:48 am

    a know-it-all privileged dreamcatcher assclown

    Having spent some time in “alternative” culture, I think I know the guy. Is he likely to be wearing a hemp anklet?

  2. March 25, 2010 10:31 am

    hacky sack!

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