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March 18, 2010

If Goldblum knew of these fine bloggers it's likely he would approve.

• Ed Lin is dishing his first novel Waylaid, which everyone should run out and buy, in “Waylaid Redux Readings Only at Giant Robot”

In April I will be reading from Waylaid, my first novel, which was published eight years ago. This will be the first time that I have read from this book on the West Coast and also the first time in many years since I have read extensively from it.

• Tasha Fierce ponders mental health as entertainment with her provocative post “In Love With Crazy”

So, rather than watching fame-hungry douchebags eat goat testicles and get stung by hundreds of bees, we can now be entertained by watching people in the throes of mental illness and addiction and feel good about it because they’re supposedly being helped by all this. Although the underlying intentions behind these shows may be benevolent, there’s no denying their exploitative nature.

• EvMaroon hits the next button on the phenom known as Chatroulette

Of course I was! It’s Chatroulette! I steadied myself as the computer hunted for another random assignment. What’s taking so long, I wanted to know. And then, out of the darkness, came. . .

A bald man, with furrowed brow, staring very closely at his screen. I could have sited good places for hair plugs on his scalp. I disconnected. I! I took the power, my power, into my own hands and clicked next! Banished, middle aged staring man! Next up, a bald man? And another. And another.

• The Fat Nutritionist gets good at eating in a post titled – oddly enough – Getting good at eating

When I was recovering from dieting, I was terribly conflicted about how to eat. I went through a period where I ate chocolate by the box, and then stopped paying attention to nutrition entirely for several years, because it was too fraught for me. Eventually, I got to the point where I alternated between undereating and overeating because I just had no idea what to do.

• Kelly has a great post entitled ch-ch-ch, tra-la-la

Some self-guru or other said, “You have the life you want,” all smug-like and distinctly sounding like Quit Bitching, You Totally Deserve Whatever Lame Shit Is Happening To You. Truth or fiction, in my view this adage lacks both compassion and helpfulness when delivered to those who are suffering – especially as I often seen it delivered by parties currently enjoying life served at the Comfort Buffet.

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