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Don’t Disturb This Groove

February 6, 2010

Mandy Patinkin - Vika Manne table/Vika Curry legs

• Damn, Bailey’s new boy is hot with multiple T’s. I cannot believe I am the sort of person who watches Grey’s Anatomy without irony. Pretty white people with pretty white problems. It’s like Thirtysomething with more brown people and waistbands that don’t graze the nipples. The bearded, grizzled hot influence of Peter Horton is all over Grey’s. Not that you asked – I hate the following cast members: Owen (except when he’s inside Cristina), Derek, all the Mercy-West people, Lexie, Izzy, Meredith and their ilk. My faves are: ALEX. He’s like my asshole soulmate. He’s my dream BFF. He’s loyal, direct and can be there and hump you if needed. And damn, he’s my kind of fine. Bailey. At first the Mammylicious thing was tiring, but fuck, then having spent more than my fair share of time with whiny, self-involved white people who think you look like a person who who might give a shit about their self generated melodramas, I can see her point. Plus, while she looks NOTHING like me, I want Wilson to rock me in a movie. She’s got the height, the boobs and snark. THE CHIEF. I don’t care if he’s a boozing, manwhoring (in his day) ‘fraid of Adelle grouchy pants, it’s so nice to see Pickens Jr. NOT playing a one dimensional asshat like when he was Keith’s homophobic hot buttered fail of a father on Six Feet Under or AD McGrumpy Pants on The X-Files. It goes without saying I am all about some Callie, Arizona and Cristina. Though I miss Burke. (not excusing or erasing Washington’s behavior.) I wish they would’ve done the Darren Bewitched thing and fucking CAST another actor to play Burke. That was the best character since Pembleton (Homicide: Life On The Street) and it’s a shame he’s not still around. I also enjoy Sloan, Adelle and Addison.

• When you don’t let a bath or pa-choing! hair (hair that’s sticking up everywhere, named after the sound effect I make when I note my hair in said state.) stand between you and some flat packed furniture – rocking a pair of hooker boots, thermals, a shabby gray sweater thinking your fierce green coat knee length and yellow ruched oversize satchel are going to hide your fashion fail – you’ve got some problems.

• Working on the following entries: “Sydney Vs. Sidney” (if you have to ask which two, then you probably aren’t going to find the entry appealing. here’s a hint – Condor, Wiz), “Wait, who?” – ongoing series of posts reflecting on pop culture figures who wowed me like a billion years ago and I haven’t seen since or people like TIM “Salami” Van Patten who like did something cheesy when they were younger (the white shadow) and totally does stuffs made of awesome now (directed numerous The Sopranos, Sex and the City and does an excellent job)

Hot yellow purse.

• I am behind on everything. If I owe you something, give me another week. I am doing some part time caring for relative recovering from major surgery, in the middle of a complete living space redecorating project (with the bulk of the work being done by me and my partner and I am up against a self imposed time limit, which of course passed five days ago!), I am hustling paid projects out the door and just got two more thrown at me that need 48 turn around. And I’m going to be doing a project management thingie for a friend’s awesome new business, which will bankroll my “write for a year full time and if nothing happens go open a pen/paper/crap I like store where I don’t actually let people buy anything and instead make them laugh and ply them with cheap bad coffee I put in starbucks bags to fool them” thing, so I’m all over the place lately. Plus I straightened my hair (blow out) and the lack of washing it has probably had impacted my ability to not act on every single impulse.

Leverage just keeps getting better and better. Seriously? Really? Yes. I am loving these characters more each week. Jeri Ryan is awesome and loving how she just jumped in, held her own and is now one of them. The most recent job – “The Future Job” – is up there with “The Bank Job” and of course the stellar pilot in terms of total, all-encompassing awesomeness. I only pray they will either incorporate Nate’s drinking – like House’s pill popping – so it’s not so tedious and distracting to the plot (though I realize that’s not how drinking issues work). Or at least have the effects be shown and not harped on or discussed at length by the characters on camera. Also, NO SOPHIE/NATE ‘shipping. Seriously. While they have nice chemistry, it distracts and weighs down the show. It also feels forced and is uninteresting. It’s like a bad copy of Catherine Z-J’s character’s relationship with Rusty Ryan (Ocean’s 12) – a copy of a copy of a copy 80s taped off the HBO and passed around the neighborhood so others can tape off the tape kind of bad.

whole mess of lack tables

• I think I accidentally attempted to screw vika curry into the soles of my feet instead of putting on shoes. I have allen-screwed my way from here to ya ya over the last couple of days. And I LOVE MY BLUE peanut shaped table. I need to name it. Maybe Mandy Patinkin. That’s how much I love this table. Name it after yummy, musical theater hottie. Yes, my table will now be called Mandy Patinkin. Ooh, I likes the beard he’s got going on in his wiki pic.

• I gave Bones five episodes to “wow” me and I just can’t get into it. I don’t like the lead character at all. While there are some who might argue that coming into a show mid run isn’t the best way to figure out if you’re going to click with a show, I completely disagree. If I have to watch all the way from the beginning to discern why I should care about your tv show, you – the creator/the puppet master – have failed. I’ve never early adopted a show since becoming an adult. Last one was The Cosby Show. Didn’t even early adopt The X-files. Got on board after second season episode Humbug. Six Feet Under was already working on season Four and Claire’s bi-curiosity when I got to the party. I didn’t need to know “the backstory” on any of my favorite shows. Homicide was nearly three years old when I realized it was the best show ever, and hell, I’d read the doorstopper of a book on which it was based. Still this was not enough to motivate me to early adopt. Don’t get me started on how many times Tony (The Sopranos) had gotten himself in trouble or how many shiny suits the gang had gone through before I decided to do more than just booty dance to the theme and have my mother and other people just describe episodes and spoilers to me. I did the same thing with SFU. A friend used to watch the shows and then call me immediately afterwards (with notes scrawled during the eps) and go through scene by scene for me. In many cases I loved this more than the actual episodes. Particularly when my mom gave me the lowdown on each and every season six: part one ep of The Sopranos. I love how she editorialized and would say things like, “You know with his history of emotional issues and inappropriate boundaries…” well I wouldn’t know, but I would be fascinated just the same. This brings me back to Bones I know what they’re trying to do with the character, but I don’t like how it’s being framed. I don’t like “hey, she’s hot, so let’s romanticize aspects of her that we would penalize the less hot for.” That chaps my ass. I haven’t really read up on what is attempting to be presented here so my analysis is only in relation to that tired trope. Also, the first episode I watched involved a well-proportioned size 18ish woman stalking men because you know, clearly don’t nobody want her fat ass and of course a fat woman’s belief that a conventionally attractive man desires her is like totally pathological. Whatevs. I really like David B, but he’s gonna need to actually find himself a project I’d be willing to watch. (not interested in Angel, quite yet. Cause of the Whedon thing, but like when my mom is up early and narrates what happens while she’s watching and making coffee.)

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  1. February 6, 2010 9:33 am

    Leverage. First, Nate’s drinking. The way they kicked him off the wagon was great: no drama, he couldn’t avoid it without blowing the con. It’s only been two episodes and already he’s drinking coffee plus in the bar, so I think it’s being handled very low-key and appropriately.

    Second: As much as I love Gina Bellman (big Coupling fan), I never felt there was much chemistry between Nate and Sophie, and I’m relieved that the latest eps have backed away from all that plot-derailing drama.

    I’m hoping you like Heroes when you finally see it. It’s been one of my guilty pleasures for a couple of years now.

  2. February 6, 2010 9:42 am

    Nate and Sophia have all the chemistry of acrimonious divorced parents.

    I can’t wait to watch Heroes>

  3. February 6, 2010 11:11 am

    Love Mandy Patinkin and the bag.

    Completely agree about Leverage (though I have yet to see the latest ep, because I depend on the internet and it takes like a week for it to show up). Loving Jeri Ryan way more than I expected to, and not really missing Sophie, although I liked her. And I’m just not all that interested in the drinking subplot.

    Cannot wait for upcoming posts.

    That is all.

  4. February 6, 2010 5:54 pm

    Dude, your house. YOUR HOUSE. So many colors!

  5. February 6, 2010 6:08 pm

    Please tell me that bag is not one of a kind. Is it big enough to hold a laptop?

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