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Don’t Take My Mind on a Trip

January 10, 2010

According to this little list, January is National Get Organized Month. While I don’t need a Hallmark Faux-liday to motivate me to organize something, a card or two would have been nice.

Every year there is some section of my life I am determined to get sorted, organized and labeled. Last year I think it was the bathroom. My problem isn’t keeping things organized, but rather dealing with the now what feeling post-organizational task completion.

While my bathroom is hardly the spa retreat I envisioned over a year ago, it is in fact well organized and clean 90% of the time. One would think this would be enough. However, if the number of times I organized and reorganized that damn thing is any indication, perhaps I really did in fact want that spa retreat and should liberate the three fluffy towels, two relaxation candles and spa robe from some Rubbermaid tub tucked in my outside storage unit.

I clean everyday. I love to clean and usually I don’t have much to clean. In fact most days, I have very little to clean. This is very disappointing if you enjoy cleaning. There are no, “Ooh, look at this clean ass room.” squeals, since the damn thing looks the same before and after you’ve cleaned it.

And just between you and me, even the thrill of vinegar washing the walls is gone.

Then there is the matter of me only possessing about 10% of the stuff I moved in with.

Oh sure there are pens, sunglasses, lip glosses, notebooks, binder clips and assortment of magazine clippings, but they are all neatly housed in clear storage coffins. The only real joy comes from shifting the contents from one coffin to another while discarding things in attempt to make the project feel productive.

Then there is moving stacks of clear coffins from one place to another – again, not the same as actual cleaning and definitely not as satisfying.

The only way to have a real cleaning project is either to discover some new product or technique which promises to revolutionize my cleaning tasks or to come up with some new organizational system, which requires gutting the existing system and spending an afternoon sifting through clear coffins, while watching season after season of Murder, She Wrote on Netflix Instant View.

Enter The Supply Cabinet.

Having never worked anyplace with its shit together enough to recognize the need for a supply cabinet, I have never seen one up close and personal. But I have always wanted one. A big imposing unit with deep adjustable shelves and a lock.

I don’t know what the lock is about.

Armed with this supply cabinet I could label shelves, make neat rows of supplies and when there’s nothing good on Netflix or Hulu, I could throw open the doors and watch the cabinet’s contents dazzle me with their orderliness.

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  1. Charlie permalink
    January 11, 2010 7:32 am

    “…I could throw open the doors and watch the cabinet’s contents dazzle me with their orderliness.”

    How I wish to have your dreams Snarky.

    Would a supply cabinet not be a little too big for a home? They are rather stark and ungainly.

    Oh and the lock? That’s normally to stop employees stealing pens and paper clips from offices. Not that any offices I have ever worked in have pens worth stealing anyway.

  2. redlami permalink*
    January 11, 2010 11:53 am

    I can envision you with a hideaway workstation like this one or this one. Not only could you open it up and be dazzled by the organization, but you could also set yourself down in the middle of it and work (or pretend to). Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

  3. January 13, 2010 10:03 am

    Charlie: I thought about the aesthetics, but I realize if I purchased a wood unit I could easily customize it to suit my tastes. There are some pretty decent looking ones to be had at Home Depot, which easily lend themselves to being tricked out.

    Redlami: the second pic is perfect and would make a great work station for the dining room once I officially relocate the party to the guest room/second bedroom.

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