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Angel Eyes

March 6, 2011

While perusing ebay – something I almost never do – I found a curious thing: someone not trying liberate large wads of cash in exchange for my precious Angel Perfume. In fact the price was so outrageously affordable I assumed I was releasing $20 bucks into some horrible pyramid scheme!

Set A: 1.7 oz “shooting star” that had inexplicably shot some of its precious cargo all over the box before it ever made it unto a UPS truck, lip gloss and body lotion. I’ll be honest; I’ve accidentally gotten Angel in my mouth and was not happy about it. For one thing it tasted nasty and another thing it was a waste of angel. So I’m not sure if I can deal with my lips smelling of that stuff. I’ll probably use the lip gloss as a perfume solid and go about my bidness. the set also contained a shooting star holder, which at the usual scoff-inducing price of $25, I’ve never felt a desire to own. The bottle is just fine flat on its back.

Set B: A “Rising Star”, the shower gel that doesn’t really smell like the perfume and more like cheap body wash and more lotion! I love that damn lotion and it’s hella spendy and I’m hella cheap. All of this Angel joy joy would have set me back billions of dollars, but on ebay these remaindered holiday sets were mine for less than half the price of a refill at the old Macy’s counter.

And like a little kid, I was more thrilled with the giant, shiny hat box housing the product than I was with the actual contents, though, obviously I was pretty excited about the contents.

Omg, what ever happened to Wet Wet Wet? That lead dude was HOTTT. Yes, those multiple T’s were warranted.

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